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Katie Daley

Academy Director

With over 10 years experience in the Makeup Industry our Makeup Director and international Celebrity Makeup Artist, Katie Daley is renowned for her Flawless & Timeless Red carpet glamour. After attending Kim Kardashian’s Masterclass in Dubai, Kylie Jenner’s MUAs Ariel Tejada full day Masterclass and most recently Brazil’s biggest MUA Alcantara Alessandro 2 day workshop, Katie’s extensive training never stops, so why not let her teach you the tips tricks and secrets on how to recreate that ever popular “Instagram” ready Makeup wether it’s for you or your clients. 

Katie’s has also been the MUA for hundreds of brides UK and Internationally and takes pride in making sure you look and feel as incredible as ever on the biggest day of your life. Put your look into her hands!

Katie is available for 1-1’s, Group lessons, 1hr Glam appointments, Weddings or Masterclasses 

Janeane Hodgson

Academy Manager/Senior Artist

Bringing us over 20 years experience in the cosmetics industry , our academy manager knows just what it takes to take us to the top. 
Janeane spent over 12 years managing one of worlds largest cosmetic brands , which saw her win many awards for her teams outstanding excellence which she lead with great passion . 
Janeane is not only a great leader , she’s also still very much hands on when it comes to her talented artistry . Her love of delivering the ‘Best Possible You make up , allows her to attract clients of all ages , this being the reason she’s very much in demand . 
Janeane specialises in weddings, over the years she has a built up a reputation of ‘someone you really want around on your wedding morning! 
It would be safe to say that our Academy Manager has a vast amount of knowledge to share with you . You can take full advantage of this in her 1-1 lessons or masterclasses . Wedding services , 1 hour Glams are also availablw

Andrea Hastings -Redhead​

Academy Artist

Some say make up is therapy and Andrea is all the tonic you need. Andrea has a wealth of experience in the cosmetics industry and has been transforming faces across the city for years . Andrea takes great pride in her work and really gets to know her clients well , her infectious smile and laugh make any appointment an enjoyable one . Believing that make up is for anyone , Andrea firmly follows the motto of All races, All ages All sexes. She has the eye of a magpie when it comes to all things make up and will create you something personalised that will leave you feeling nothing short of fabulous . Andrea is available for 1 Hour Glams  , weddings , masterclasses and 1-1 lessons tailored just to you. 

Shannon Nippers

Academy Artist / Katie Daley Assistant

If it’s the ultimate Katie Daley glam you’re after then Shannon is on hand here at the academy. Shannon has been working as Katie’s assistant for the past 2 years working alongside Katie on every shoot, wedding and event. Shannon is fully trained by Katie in the Signature Katie Daley style of Glam. 

Shannon is an incredible artist who can give you the glowing glam, a smokey eye or a bright vibrant look. She is multi talented and will leave you feeling your very best and absolutely flawless. 

 Shannon is now available to book for 1 hour glam appointments., weddings, 

Patty Baszkiewicz

Academy Artist

There’s no one who has more fun when it come to make up than Patty. Her technical and creative artistry will blow you away. If it’s a simple smokey eye you want or you wish to be transformed into a mystical character , Patty delivers right across the board . Her love of make up continues onto camera where you can see her edit her own tutorials to find what she’s uses to create her amazingly varied looks. Patty ,in her words ,has her dream job here at the academy and is here to showcase her skills in her love of all things make up. Patty is available for 1Hour Glams ,1-1 tutorials ,theatrical , weddings and masterclasses . 

Holly Harper

Academy Artist

If the ‘Golden hour’ had to be named after anyone , then it would have to be our Holly. Holly loves the super smokes and golden glow when creating the ultimate glam. She is the queen of fluffy brows and that longed for wispey lash . Holly’s looks are always polished to perfection and you are guaranteed to leave feeling fabulous . Another one of our artists that you can count on having a ball with whilst sipping on your favourite fizz. Holly spent over five years working for a number 1 brand so kit is full to the brim with all the latest products . Holly is available for 1Hour Glams  , 1-1 ‘s , tutorials , weddings and masterclasses . 

Hollie Coombes

Academy Artist / Lash Artist

Hollie is yet another super glowy glam queen here at the academy . With a focus on giving you the ultimate flawless skin, Hollie loves to create a look that would have you red carpet ready for any occasion . Using all the latest products and tailored lashes, you’ll see that Hollie is also lash queen too! So if it’s Russian, classic or LVL that’s a must have for you then we have that covered ! Hollie is also available 1Hour Glam , 1-1 tutorials , weddings and masterclasses .